The Third Commandment
Bible Scholar Barry Huff shares some great ideas in his series of commandment videos.
Each square of this colorful quilt has a loving and  artistic message from a Sunday School class.  That's truly a Comforter Quilt! --Submitted by Amy, Helen, and Patti -- Click on photo to enlarge, or click here to watch a video about making this quilt. This video includes the voices of children reading the squares from the quilt.
Christian Science Sunday School Game Instructions

Christian Science Sunday School Game Board Assembly

Christian Science Sunday School Game Sample Questions
Local Sunday School Ideas!
Click here to play a youtube video demonstrating the Christian Science Sunday School Game.  Click on the photo ABOVE to enlarge our new and improved game board.  (3/19/2011)
Spiritual Reality Goggles
Want to see what's really true?  How about some spiritual reality goggles?  Maybe you already have some . . .what helps you see more spiritually?
Favorite Videos from The Mother Church Youth
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There are plenty of games testing your knowledge of the Bible, but what's special about this game is that there are also questions from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy. The game is free.   It is quickly what is pocket option assembled by printing pages off the internet and attaching them to standard size poster board.  Sample questions are provided, including "spirit of the law" questions to prompt ethical discussions.   The game encourages teachers and students to continue adding questions developed from the weekly Bible Lesson and from their own study of Christian Science. --Submitted by Colleen Moore

Christian Science Sunday School Game
Christian Science Camps
in the United States

Adventure Unlimited - Colorado

Camps Newfound & Owatonna - Maine

Camps Leelanau & Kohahna - Michigan

CedarS Camps - Missouri

Crystal Lake Camps - Pennsylvania

Audubon Zoo
About Christian Science Sunday School - For Sunday School students, teachers, superintendents, or parents to support a richer Sunday School experience.
About Christian Science Organizations (CSOs) - Bring healing to college campuses. Connect with other college students to join or start a CSO. Participate in chats and blogs focused on issues facing college students
Music - Find contemporary music selections in cubes on the Youth Music page. Different spiritual artists are featured on podcasts sharing their inspiration about their songs, then playing their songs, and then telling you where they can be found on the web.
Discovery Bound - This year-round community outreach program provides local family activities, regional retreats, and national teen conferences for Christian Scientists and their friends.
7 Day Synonym Game

Click here for this youtube video "7 Day Synonym Game" which explains how to create the synonym game board and how to play the game.  The links below pocket options demo have the rules and sample images and verses that can be taped to index cards. -- Submitted by Colleen Moore

Rules for 7 Day Synonym Game

Creation Images 1

Creation Images 2

Creation Images 3

Verses referring to Genesis 1 from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.
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How we imagined it
An original song and animation from "time4thinkers" that helps us experience the Nativity from Mary and Joseph's point of view.

You can also use the synonyms in discussing the Trinity.  Here's a video describing how to use triangles to look at this theological concept.
How is juggling like prayer? To find out, join us for this local Sunday School moment!.
"Creative games help students discover God's depth" is a Church Alive article about synonym games.
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Synonyms with colors
Synonyms with colors and numbers
Synonyms without colors or numbers
   Seven-Synonym Octahedron

Here is a Sunday School craft project based on the seven synonyms for God found in Science and Health (pages 115, 465, and 587). An octahedron is a three-dimensional figure with eight sides, so a synonym for God pocket option appears on seven sides with the word God appearing on the eighth side.  For a printable copy, click on the text links below the images which are available in three different formats.  Directions for making the octahedron and sample discussion questions for your class are available here.
Seven-Synonym Octahedron (c) 2016 by R. P. Juge
Sunday School Ideas from The Mother Church Youth
Coloring Books - Simple coloring pages help even the youngest students connect with Bible stories and prayers.