Skype instructions are available by clicking on the links below. These directions pocket option were written based on earlier versions of Skype. References are also made to a Wednesday service at 7 pm, although service times vary.

1. To install Skype, go to, move your mouse pointer to Get Skype on the Skype menu bar, look beneath the Computer title to find your PC operating system, then click on either Windows, Mac, or Linux to select the Skype software for your PC system. 

A Skype download web page will appear.  Click on Download Skype below the discussion regarding Skype Free.  (Do not select Skype Premium service.)  

Another Skype page will appear and instructions on how to install Skype are illustrated about midway on that page.

NOTE:  These directions are for WIndows XP.   Apple users will follow similar steps, but some pocket options broker commands may appear in different places on your computer screen.

2. How to add a contact in Skype.

3. How to setup Skype to participate in a 4th Church Service.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as our church community continues to learn and to adapt to this new technology.  If you encounter any problems, please send an email so that we can work together to improve this service at:

Links - If you click on underlining in the text, you will be taken to a link.  (Photos and icons are usually links as well.)  There are more than 50 links to The Mother Church on this website as well as other links to spirituality-related websites.

Time for some computer humor .  .  .

Fourth Church New Orleans in Lakeview Skypes its Wednesday night testimony meetings.  My husband usually monitors these calls from his laptop at church, but after a hard work day one Wednesday, he just turned the computer on at church and went home to listen to the testimony meeting.  After arriving home, he discovered that Skype was not working, probably because a mike had been tuned off at church that afternoon.  He texted the following apology to me in church, and I read it as a testimony which amused our small and informal congregation.  I thought his response showed some Wednesday night computer humor!
-- Submitted by Colleen Moore
Skype instructions for listening or participating in Time for Thinkers Book Club:
1.  Follow the instructions above (#1 and #2) for installing Skype and adding a contact in Skype.
2.  For the Book Club, participants should make a free Skype call to Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist, New Orleans.  The Skype name is fourthchurchneworleans.
3.  Click call.  Do not click video call.
4.  Click on the mute button, and unmute when you are ready to speak.  You may also type in comments and pocket option demo questions in the text bar at the bottom of your screen. 
5.  If you want to make a reservation for a Skype service or if you have any questions, please email:

Book Club members gather around for a video skype meeting with an archivist at the Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston. We currently only have the technology to video skype at the church with one other party, but we can have multiple parties on audio skype.
This page was last updated: December 31, 2016